5 steps to breaking up

Those who want to stop thinking about breaking up with a girl should listen to 5 simple but effective tips.

Accept the negativity

When the first suffering has subsided, the man begins to feel anger and resentment. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to a breakup. But you shouldn’t direct your emotions against a girl.

Find a more acceptable solution for them: scream in a clean field, talk to a friend, run 10 kilometers, write an angry letter and burn it. For those who are more suitable, the main thing is to let off steam and relieve tension.

Find the power source

Anger will come in waves, that’s how our psyche works.  Just a reminder or meeting can cause a flurry of emotions and a new turn in the experience of loss. Start using anger as a source of strength. Direct the anger in the right direction, exercise and get on with strength exercises.

Let go of the guilt

It’s only natural to blame yourself for what happened.  Everyone who broke up with the person they love goes through this. You’re analyzing the past and you think that things could have turned out differently. “If I had understood my mistakes in time,” “If I had behaved wiser,” “If I hadn’t demanded so much.” In this way, you continue to live in the past.

Let go of your emotions

If you’re excited when it comes to former passions, you’re still connected to them on an emotional level. To break this connection, you have to make a lot of effort, “devalue” the experience and send it to the mezzanine. Don’t push your emotions, talk to them, the only way to free yourself is to admit defeat.

The process of recovery may take months or even years, do not swing your feelings, it will only prolong the torment. If there is a desire to meet and talk to the girl, never fall for this trick of your subconscious. Understand that it is time to go further, and if a woman has not been in contact for a long time, then you should take an example from her and leave the past in the past.

Start something new

A hobby that can distract you from your former love is the best cure. Also suitable: a new job or position, sports, volunteering, a trip to another city or even a country.  You need a new experience to fill the void in your heart.

Pay more attention to your family and friends, a pleasant conversation produces a healing effect. Recreation and leisure together will make your rehabilitation easier and open up new boundaries in your relationship with others.



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