5 Ways to Draw Interlocutor’s Attention by Using Flirting Techniques

Many users come to online random chats for dating to find pleasant interlocutors or even a couple. Thus, for many of them, flirting is an ordinary model of behavior. These people want to spend time with pleasure, relax after a hard-working day, and talk to an intelligent person. If one of the interlocutors likes the other one, flirting serves the best tool to demonstrate your feelings. Thus, let’s see how you can flirt:

  1. Give compliments

Both men and women like compliments. It is a common misconception that only men should say compliments to women. Women should also encourage an interlocutor for certain steps or actions. But in a case with men compliments work in a different way. While women are crazy about all sorts of praises about their appearance, clothes, hairstyle, etc., men prefer compliments about a great sense of humor, good taste, mental abilities.

  1. Body language

Non-verbal communication plays a significant role in flirting. After all, your body language and the ability to use gestures determine 70% of flirting success. The signals that we send consciously or subconsciously can either attract or scare away your interlocutor. For example, crossed arms shows that you do not want to continue communication or are afraid of an interlocutor. The palms should be open, the body turned to your interlocutor, and the head is slightly tilted to the side.

  1. Laugh and smile

A smile is able to defuse even the tensest situation. If you tell funny stories, it helps establish contact with the other person and make your dialogue more informal. Smile, laugh and behave in a relaxed and natural manner to impress an interlocutor and demonstrate your personality.

  1. Mirroring poses

During the first communication, you can use the technique that was called “mirroring” in psychology. Try to imitate the poses of your interlocutor but do it naturally; otherwise, copying can easily turn into a parody.

  1. A subtle line of sexuality

Do not forget about your appearance if you want your flirting will be successful. Of course, you should look tidy and seductive but do not overdo it with a too low neckline or an excessively short skirt. It is better to make an accent on elegantly styled hair, a neat manicure, and a tight-fitting dress.

The main thing to remember when starting flirting is that you should not overdo the technique. Flirt should be a bit tempting but not vulgar. Try to improve your flirting skills when communicating with random interlocutors in online cam chats.

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