6 mistakes after the breakup, which will turn your life into a nightmare

Breaking up with a loved one is a serious challenge. But you can make it even more unbearable if you do different stupid things.

How to ruin your life after the breakup.

  1. Keep it together

This is an obvious mistake, but your brain can disguise it for an excuse like hanging out with friends. And now you’re already together with mutual friends or have lunch, go to the movies, meet in a bar, arrange home-cooked meals.

You make yourself go through hell, while trying to accept that the relationship no longer exists, and drunk with happiness when you hug him or her goodbye.

  1. 2. Thinking that you are true soul mates.

By continuing to believe that you are the only person who can understand your former partner, you only feed the illusion. And all the nightly conversations on the soul drag you into the mire of the past. Do not forget that, despite all the intimacy, both or one of you have chosen to end the relationship.

  1. Write to him or her about everything. And as often as possible.

Write to your former partner to see how he is doing. Write to tell him you got the job. Be sure to let him know that you still consider him a friend. And be sure to write again, if the previous messages were left unanswered – suddenly he just did not notice them? This is a great way to be in a state of eternal waiting and not to move on.

  1. Chase the former partner

We are talking, first of all, about literal persecution, when you find out with all the truth and untruth the location of the ex-partner and as if accidentally come across him in a bar. This is an alarming signal: it smells like addiction.

The same goes for the endless checking of his social networks. Who did he add to his friends, what he does, what he writes about? You hope that this person is still suffering, and he has probably already recovered from his breakup or even entered into a new relationship.

Unless you are a masochist, stop following the life of your ex. At least for a while, until the first pain has subsided.

  1. Talk badly about your ex-partner.

Every time you think of the former, even if not in the kindest terms, it kind of materializes in the present. And the more you talk about him (good and bad), the harder you invite him back into your life.

  1. Return things in person

There is no need to look for extra pretexts for meetings when the decision to break up has already been made. Even if you need to return his or her things and pick up yours, you can always ask for help from friends or order a courier.

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