ALOHA: feel free while interacting with strangers

Chats are suitable for every sociable person who loves new acquaintances and wants to spend their free time with benefit and interest. This communication does not bind to anything, so you can communicate regardless of age. Chat does not require personal data and phone number, so you can stop chatting in an unpleasant moment without worrying about your safety and disclosure of personal information.

One of the most well-known online services that want to interact with users worldwide is called ALOHA.

Things to know about ALOHA

ALOHA makes it easier to meet new people living nearby in audio chat rooms around the world. Voice chat is the best way to meet and learn more about each other. The video chat feature is also supported between friends. Where you live, is it hard to get to know each other? Or do you feel lonely and want to share your thoughts with someone? Are you tired of disappointments, deceptions and those who seem to be of the opposite sex? Would you like to make friends with people from all over the world without having to check their profile? Then get ready for a great audio chat with people near you!

Developers want to create a decent community, offensive behavior and violation of the rules of this application is taken seriously and will lead to the immediate deletion of your account.

Differences if this application

This application has many features that distinguish it from other programs to communicate with strangers. Here are some of them:

  • The ability to choose preferences by gender and region.
  • The ability to participate in voice chat using 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Unlimited text and video communications between friends.
  • Dozens of quality effects, stickers, filters and smileys for more exciting communication with strangers around the world.
  • Ability to add people you meet in voice chat to your friends list. Ability to make video calls to new friends after adding them to the list. Easy and fast and easy to use Facebook.

User security

User’s confidential information will be encrypted, it will not be shared with third parties. Other users will only be shown the data that you can see in your ALOHA profile.

A free version of this application provides most of the features and let users fully enjoy their communication. Yet, it also has a paid subscription. With this account, members can forget about any commercials or limitations of interaction.

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