Goodgrief Review: Meet your new love

Goodgrief is a mobile app designed for those who want to ease their loss. This is a kind of dating website but the main idea is to meet someone who suffers as you do. This will help you to overcome all the difficulties you may encounter in your grief. The application was designed by two ladies who had a difficult period and needed someone to talk at least. They found each other and decided to scale their experience to help others overcome challenging times.

How the platform was created

The application was launched in 2018 by 2 friends. They knew first hand what grief is. They both had losses and they were connected by one of their friends. This was the first step to create the app, which would change the world. Today, thousands of users are coming from different countries to use Goodgrief to ease their mental pain.

What is the reputation of the app among the users? The majority of testimonials are positive. Members underline that the app helps them to survive the most difficult period of their life. There are some negative testimonials about the paid membership. Let us be clear – the app is designed by the team and it needs constant updates and upgrades. The team works for a salary. It is impossible to launch such an application without a penny in a pocket. Furthermore, the app fee is not high by comparison with any dating premium profiles.

Is signup and searching easy

The sign-up process is very easy and not annoying. You need to pass through several steps answering questions and providing the service with basic credentials. The first step requires your email address and password. You will also need to repeat the password. By the way, it is possible to sign-up using your Facebook account. This will save your time a bit. Even so, you cannot skip the following mandatory questions.

Creating a profile is not a hard task to complete. You will be asked several questions about your grief and losses. Once you have done the questionnaire, you can pass to searching to find someone and start chatting. The whole process will take around five minutes, and after that, you are free to add other members to your connections list.

It is not difficult to find someone to talk to here. Goodgrief offers some special filters allowing users to significantly increase the chances to find matches. Bear in mind that everyone has to complete a special questionnaire. All the answers are included in the profile, and they are used later to create matches.

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