How to send a complaint message on a video chat

As a lot of human beings consider, the internet is one of the most destructive developments of the previous century. These individuals suppose that modern technologies will be able to ruin the entire planet. The most essential reason why they have such a point of view on this issue is that they believe that the internet has made people more insecure.

However, there are even more people who are sure that the internet has a lot of advantages. This is a great solution for lots of difficult problems. Furthermore, this platform can help users communicate with each other. Each day thousands of human beings get along via the internet. That’s why software engineers develop new programs for interaction regularly. However, video chats are still on the top of these services. It’s used by millions of people daily because it’s available all over the globe. However, sometimes even the most popular websites can have some problems, and some strange people is the most significant issue of video chats. If you have faced with such a person during the conversation, you can send a complaint message to the administration of the website. In this case you should follow this simple instruction.


  1. First you should make a screenshot of that person which you think is strange or doesn’t follow some rules of the video chat. Different services have different rules, hot, there are some which are the same for each online platform for chatting via a web camera:
  • Never insult other users for their points of view or the way they look like;
  • Don’t post any commercial information;
  • Don’t be a gross person.
  1. The second thing you have to do is to make screenshots of the messages which you have found insulting or inappropriate. In case if these rude phrases you heard during your video conversation, you should describe the whole situation in your letter. Try to share all the details in your text in order to prove your opinion. Furthermore, never complain to those people who you don’t like personally because such a request will be rejected.
  2. Then you should send your message to the administrator and wait for the answer. Remember that there is a huge possibility that your response won’t be quick because the company will be checking all the proofs. However, even the most doubtful situation will be solved in two or three working days. After that you will receive the answer.

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