How to solve conflicts with your partner

Conflicts are an integral part of our daily lives. It is hard to imagine that even in the happiest and most harmonious family there are no conflicts, even if only on domestic issues.

In fact, conflicts in the family always have their reasons. Most often they are just the tip of the iceberg of mutual misunderstandings and contradictions. If in traditional societies family culture was regulated by centuries-old customs, religious norms, now families are created by people with completely different education, cultural level, different models of domestic behavior. Many of those entering into marriage already have experience of previous family life or cohabitation, which almost always guarantees the existence of some well-established stamps and stereotypes regarding the desired scenarios of behavior in the family and everyday life.

The first and main condition for preventing family conflicts is the openness of the spouses to each other and mutual respect. Hidden resentments, lies, constant dissatisfaction with the actions and even the personality of the second spouse – the first step to the aggravation of conflict situations and, ultimately, either to the dissolution of marriage and the collapse of the family, or to the transformation of marital relations into a formality, a fiction, in which the spouses actually become neighbors in common housing, rather than the closest to each other.

When there is a problem in the family, the most sensible thing that spouses can do is to discuss it calmly, without mutual reproaches, insults and personal transition. Let’s imagine that we solve a problem that has arisen at work – in a company or a public institution: adequate colleagues will never fall for screaming and mutual insults. According to the same scheme, we should also discuss the problems that occur in the life of each family: financial problems, those related to the upbringing of children and even intimate ones. By learning to tell each other the truth, listen to each other and understand each other, many conflicts can be avoided and families can be saved from destruction.

Of course, the empathy of both spouses is also a very important factor. If there is no empathy, then full, sincere communication is impossible: one spouse simply can not imagine himself in the place of the other spouse and feel everything that feels his marital partner.

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