Is it possible to be friends after breaking up?

There is a study according to which the friendship between former sexual partners is qualitatively different from the original platonic relations, and for the worse. We find out when it is worth to maintain this relationship, and when it is better to abandon the idea.

In what situations it is possible to remain friends?

The partners have no feelings for each other

It is impossible to be friends when thoughts of the former (or former) knees are choked. However, if the heart is no longer compressed every time you hear his or her name, everything can work out.

It may be a long and complicated process, but it is real. It is important that everyone understands that his or her feelings are really gone. Here a psychologist or time can help.

The partners are forced to intersect in everyday life

It is necessary to think over how to interact with a partner to make everyone comfortable. And this applies not only to former lovers, but also to people around them, because of which they can not interrupt communication.

Friendship is trust and mutual support. If none of them is ready for this, but to continue communication for some reason, you should at least try not to slip into endless quarrels and sarcastic remarks about each other at every meeting.

When it is better to stop communicating

The partners have nothing in common and did not have anything in common.

It happens that after the breakup, neither man nor woman understand how they managed to live together for several years – they are completely strangers to each other. Lovers split up and eventually forget the past.

When except for the lack of common interests, goals or plans there are no joint cases that require the attention of each party, friendship or maintaining any relationship through force makes no sense.

One of the partners sees friendship as an opportunity to return the relationship

One of ex-partners is sure that everything is okay: you can share intimate details of a new life, tell about everyday trifles and praise your passion. The other, clenched his teeth, pretended to be happy to listen to all this, but actually hopes that everything will return to normal. He lives with illusions and waits for an imaginary friendship to develop into a relationship. And this is a traumatic experience that will bring nothing but discomfort to one of ex-partners and pain and disappointment to another.

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