More than half of dating site users lie about themselves

Already in every 5th couple lovers found each other online. However, online dating still has a big disadvantage: people in the network often seem not who they really are.  Studies have shown that more than half of the users of online dating services lie about themselves.  And it happens that the truth is revealed too late, when we are already attached to a person and not ready to let go.

We share ways to find out about a person on an online dating site a little more than they tell us about themselves.  And at the end of the article you will find a fact that will change your attitude towards finding a partner on the Internet.

Psychologist John Suler tells how an image chosen by a network user for his profile can characterize the person.  You should not take everything literally, but together with other signs of Suler typology will help to make a psychological portrait of your new acquaintance.  Here are a few types, which are most commonly found on dating sites.

  • Rough look. Such photos are most often laid out by closed, light-handed people, they may be prone to aggression.
  • Funny face. Perhaps a person is overwhelmed by the problems he is used to hiding under the mask of a funny face. He’s not ready to face them.
  • Official photo. A photo taken in an office or a conference may indicate that a person lacks public recognition. He appreciates his professional qualities and would like to be admired by those around him.
  • In addition to stating that the owner of such a picture is not looking for a serious relationship, a naked torso photograph may indicate that the person is too self-obsessed, loves the attention of others, and is prone to excessive selfishness.
  • If the photo shows something unpleasant and repulsive, it is likely that it was placed by a teenager or a person who currently has more serious problems than the lack of a relationship.
  • Pictures with this subject can be evidence of subconscious anxiety, a sense of helplessness.
  • It can speak of romantic nature, vulnerability. Often such people do not tolerate hanging out and familiarity, experiencing difficulties in defending their point of view.

It often happens that users put up photos of other people instead of their own, you can learn about it by uploading a screenshot of a photo of your new acquaintance in the search for pictures. The browser will give out all social networks and sites where this image has met.


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