The Most Common Issues When Setting Up a Chat

Video chats nowadays are nothing but one of the most convenient online communication tools. It does not require much effort to register, log in and start chatting. For many, however, seldom technological disruptions play a decisive role in abandoning of this instrument. Any of the technical difficulties should never be a reason for refusal from online video chat service as they can easily be overcome when aware of the basic setting up steps.

Being available on both mobile phones and laptops, technical discrepancies while setting up an online chat differ. For instance, video chat can be handled competently by most home broadband connections so there’s not much of an issue using it from a mobile phone over Wi-Fi. However, once you try to use it on the go, it can be challenging on a cellular connection. Another issue is that video calls can only happen when two people are prepared to chat at the same time.

Basic Video Chat Set Up Steps

Video-calling smartphone apps let you talk to anyone, anywhere, and for free. All you have to do is maintain a strong connection, download the latest version of your favorite video-calling app, and use it on the strongest available cellular or Wi-Fi network. Below are our favorite tips for improving your video calls and their set up on most commonly used mobile apps.

Tips on setting up a video call on the following applications:

  • FaceTime: when using FaceTime try to call only over Wi-Fi and disable FaceTime calling over your cellular network. Thus, ¬†when you are not connected to Wi-Fi, you will not receive video calls through poor and expensive cellular connection.
  • Google Duo: to set up a video chat through this app, one should change self-image so that your own face is not blocking part of your friend’s feed. It is also advisable to disable a Knock Knock feature as it kicks in before a call has even begun and gobbles up cellular data faster than usual.
  • Skype: not to miss a call on Skype, you may set up Skype to automatically answer incoming calls. This feature is only available in the Android version of the app for now.
  • Facebook Messenger: amazing feature of this one to benefit from is turning a one-on-one into a group call as well as using various filters just for fun.
  • Snapchat: this one allows for sending of a pre-recorded video message which eliminates the need to to talk live but still share messages with voice and visuals.

Apart from these specific tips, there are also more general recommendations on how to set up a video chat. For instance, it is important to check all the equipment in advance, make a test call, check hardware settings as well as Internet connection. For laptops it is generally better to connect through wired Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

All in all, after becoming aware of the mentioned above tips on how to prepare for a video chat or video call, one should not feel any kind of frustration when starting a video conversation. Whatever is the reason for technological discrepancy, it may be eliminated by proper preparations and timely adjustments.

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