The most helpful apps for online dating

As some scientists say, the internet makes people more antisocial. Furthermore, they have no doubt that innovative technologies can lead to some serious problems with mental health. However, most of the professionals disagree with such a point of view on this controversial issue. These specialists believe that the internet can become a great platform for communication because there’re lots of online services which are developed specifically for this purpose.

Moreover, there’re not simply websites for communication but also for dating. However, sometimes it isn’t not convenient to use a desktop version of these online platforms. That’s why it’s better to use applications for mobile phones. Most of these programs are available for smartphones on Android and iOS. However, not all of these apps are fully protected from scammers. In case if you want to feel absolutely safe when you are using your personal profile on your mobile phone, you should try one of the services mentioned in this list.


This’s not an average application for dating. Being founded in 2014, these days Feeld is one of the most popular programs used by people who are looking for partners for non-monogamous relationships. That’s why you can become a member of this app even if you have a permanent partner.

One of the most essential advantages of Feeld is the fact that it’s possible to create a profile and to add a detailed description. Furthermore, users can even add a description of their perfect match. It helps find a partner much quicker.

One more reason to choose this application for dating is the fact that a basic version of Feeld is absolutely free. However, in case if you want to get access to some additional functions, you should purchase a subscription.


This’s more conventional application for dating. The program finds an interlocutor for you automatically when you add some information about yourself on your personal profile. However, when you send a message to another user, it will disappear after some hours in case if that person won’t answer you. It’s needed to help users find only those individuals who are really interested in their online communication.

However, Bumble is a great application not only for those people who are looking for a partner but also for those human beings who are eager to find new friends. So, it offers you a list of people in your area who are also looking for a mate.

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