Ways to determine if your family member has a depression

Nowadays, it’s impossible for a modern human being to avoid having stressful situations. Only several dozens of years ago people had to deal with problems only at work or while studying. However, these days the situation has become absolutely different. One of the most essential reasons for this considerable change is the development of mobile devices which are connected to the internet. These innovative gadgets are the cause of stress during hours of relaxation. As a result, there are much more people who suffer from mental illnesses including a depression, and it’s common when there is at least one person in a family who has issues with his mental health. However, most of these individuals don’t want to share their illness with their relatives. That’s why they try to hide it. But, if a human is not helped, his state can get even worse than it used to be. If you want to avoid such a situation, you need to identify if your family member is depressed as soon as you can.

Are they still interested in their life?

One of the main signs of a depression is that a person has lost his interest in his subsistence. It means that he doesn’t want to do even those activities which he enjoyed even several months ago. You should get concerned if your family member starts telling you “No” when you ask him to talk about his hobbies. Furthermore, you can guess it when your relative prefers simply doing nothing instead of working or studying.

Does he want to hide his feelings?

The second sign which is also quite common among those people who are suffering from a depression is that they try to hide what they really feel. You can realize that a your relative seems to be sad, but when you try to ask him what is going on, he doesn’t want to answer.

Some of those people who are depressed can seem even happy while talking to their significant others. They behave so in order not to worry their relatives. However, you can determine your family member’s real emotional state mental if you try to look at his eyes more carefully. Those individuals who have a mental illness show sadness with their eyes, some of them can even laugh in some situations.

Has your family member become angrier?

The third sign which is also helpful for those people who want to understand if one of their relatives has a depression is a feeling angry. You should get concerned if you have started to notice that your family members gets annoyed much quicker than he used to be.

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